Mo Ment

What is Future?
Based on The Past it’s a further development.
No Future without a past.
The future is the past in a new dress…
But what happened between these two
The moment right now
Always changing
We always look at the future and the past
But most of the time we don’t realize the
Wonder of the moment
The real life
The installation beginns with a snake and an apple
The time after adam and eves expulsion
From paradise
The confetti symbolize the joy of a beautiful moment
The dolls stand for our situation of the
Private life,single ,married,gay
The skull is the end of our life
Do you see the little mouse traps?
the clock the sign of the passing
Unique ,valuable,irretrievable.

The installation will remind the precioness of the moment right now
And will ask questions
Is life from the beginning of the big bang
Not always developing on its own?
What s about our age..the addition of moments
What about the bodeys
They are instruments to feel the moment
While we exist
The moment in time
A gift you can not save